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The approach is a thorough understanding of the client company. This prepares the base for an appropriate     intervention, creating a lasting effect and avoiding unintended human and business consequences.

We nurture long lasting client relationships. It is vital for our clients that we deliver reliable and consistently high quality services. We are committed to fulfilling this need. 

Every effort will be made to approach each employee with an open agenda and respect, allowing individuals to maintain their integrity. Acquired information - whether personal or business related - will be treated with confidentiality.

When engaging in an assignment, a clear contract will be made. Continuous follow-up on results and progress of activities will be employed in order to maintain focus and customer satisfaction.
References are provided on request.

SANDCHRISTENSEN collaborates with competent specialists in Scandinavia. These specialists will be involved when their competencies and resources are required.

Is a company specialised in HR management services "Enhancing crew performance" in technology driven companies such as Airlines, Maritime and Oil companies. Please visit for further information.

Is a company specialised in the development of feedback methods and tools for individual, team and organisational development.
Please visit for
further information. 

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